About GoPark

GoPark is a free new service that helps take the stress out of parking in Islington. We're working in association with Islington Council to give drivers information they need to make parking easier.

From giving you up-to-date parking information to helping you find a space where you're allowed to park, GoPark is there when you need it, to provide advice and help.

Almost a third of traffic moving around our cities is just looking for somewhere to park. That's a lot of wasted time, fuel and money that could easily be avoided, not to mention the congestion and air pollution.

That's why we've designed the service to help drivers park as quickly and effectively as possible, whether you're coming home from work, or just popping out to the shops.

We're currently in a trial phase and are looking for an initial group of pioneers to help us shape the service to make parking better for Islington residents.

So, if like us you feel that parking could be fairer, simpler and a lot less stressful, why not join us?

- GoPark Team

GoPark in the press


“...it’s a practical—and frankly, long overdue—vision for improving the efficiency of one of driving’s major pain points.”

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