A better way to park

Now it's easier to know where and when to park your car

Want to take the hassle out of parking? GoPark uses a connected plug-in device and GPS to provide you with the rules and information for the bays you need.

Join GoPark today and we’ll send you a free GoPark self-install kit. The plug-in device is GPS enabled and connects remotely to the GoPark app on your smartphone.

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Can I get GoPark?

Currently GoPark is available for residents in selected Islington parking zones. To be eligible to join the scheme:

  1. You must live in Islington
  2. Have a valid resident parking permit for Zones S or T
  3. A car registered to an Islington address
  4. A car with an unused on-board diagnostics port - see FAQs

Residents of all other areas can stay in touch to find out more about when this revolutionary technology is coming to your area.

GoPark is brought to you by the Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Islington in association with Ford Motor Company Limited (trading as ‘GoPark Islington’). You can find out more about how your personal data is used in the GoPark privacy policy available at www.goparkislington.co.uk/legal.

Why GoPark?

Free plug-in device for your car which connects to the GoPark smartphone app

  • GPS enabled
  • Get up-to-date parking rules for bays within Islington, any time - including Arsenal match days
  • Detailed maps of all the parking bays in Islington included

More features coming soon

  • Pay for parking securely and easily
  • Use the app to help you find a free parking space
  • See where you have left your car and receive phone alerts about parking changes

Available in the App Store and on Google Play™

How it works

(NB: playing the YouTube video sets a cookie.)

Once you’ve logged in, the GoPark app will know the parking permit you have and the location of your car.

It will then be able to tell you the exact rules of any Islington Residential Parking Bay, including ones that have match days rules and when holiday rules apply.

Free plug-in device

Connects to the GoPark smartphone app

Get up-to-date parking rules

Parking rules for bays within Islington, any time - including Arsenal match days

Knowledge is power

Detailed maps of all the parking bays within Islington included

GPS enabled

Locate your vehicle accurately

Join GoPark today

The free GoPark app provides you with information for you to decide if it's OK to park.

Let's revolutionise parking in Islington

Join GoPark for free

Any questions? We're here to help 24/7

Call 020 7060 9065 or you can email us on hello@goparkislington.co.uk

In association with

During the GoPark trial, the service is only available to Islington residents with parking permits in selected zones.